Japan Visa Application Form

All visa applicants will be required to fill out on-line the Visa Application Form in PDF file which can be downloaded from:

Japan Visa Application Form


  • The processing of your Japan visa application will only begin after the printed and signed application with all supporting documents has been submitted to the Visa Application Center and the visa fee has been paid. Applications that are sent in electronic form cannot be processed.
  • Please read the Instructions carefully and complete all sections of the form truthfully
  • Please note that inaccurate, incomplete or false information provided in the form may lead to possible error of data on the visa, or delay of the processing, or refusal of the application.
  • Finally, please sign and date this form to confirm that all answers given are true and accurate.

For further information for each countries please visit:

Japanese Embassies and Japanese consulates world wide.

Source & Copyright: The source of the above visa and immigration information and copyright owner’s is the:
– Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Japan – URL: www.mofa.go.jp

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