Japan Visa Processing Time

Normally, Japan Visa Processing Time is  5 working days if all the requirements are met. However, there are certain cases which require referral to the government office in Japan. Such referral cases may take up to 2 months for results.

In the Philippines, the normal processing time is 3 to 5 days working days from the day after the date of the acceptance of the application.

In Vietnam and some other ASEAN countries, 5 to 7 days is the normal process.

If any kind of checking is required (the submission of additional documents, an interview with the applicant, inquiries, etc.), or if a visa application is made for the purpose of a long-term stay without a Certificate of Eligibility, etc., the progress may take longer than five working days (from several weeks to several months). Therefore, it is recommended that you make the application months before the scheduled date of departure.

To get the visa in the less time, you should read carefully all the requirements and try to prepare enought all the documents required. Here are some points that you should pay attention to avoid delaying your visa application:

  • Remove passport cover
    If not, application will not be processed and returned to you.
  • Application Form is A4 size(210×297) only
  • No Correction Tape(Liquid)
    In case there is a need to make a correction on the application form and other documents, please refrain from using
    correction tape or liquid. Instead, use a double line to erase/correct the wrong information.
  • No Staplers
    Do not staple application forms, other requirements for visa application and passport.
    Remove all staples before submission.
  • No Frixion Erasable Pen
    Please do not use Frixion Erasable Pen in Visa Application Form and in all documents.

For further information for each countries please visit:

Japanese Embassies and Japanese consulates world wide.

Source & Copyright: The source of the above visa and immigration information and copyright owner’s is the:
– Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Japan – URL: www.mofa.go.jp



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